Smooth Solutions by Dana is a gender friendly boutique for permanent hair removal using electrolysis. Electrolysis is your number one option for ridding yourself of unwanted hair for good.


Unwanted hair can be a source of embarrassment and inconvenience, impacting your self-esteem and even social relationships. You can take control of your hair and rid yourself of it for good. Maybe you've tried other methods of hair care and have been frustrated. Electrolysis has the advantage of offering permanent results.


Once initiating treatments many clients wish they had started sooner. Being consistent with your electrolysis treatments will garner the quickest and most satisfying results. As you progress through your treatment, sessions will become shorter and less frequent.


Dana has been trained in the latest techniques and uses state of the art equipment to help you achieve the results you want.


To make an appointment, call Smooth Solutions at (909) 900-8374 or click the link to the left. Appointments only, please; no walk-ins.


Smooth Solutions is located in Riverside at

6864 Indiana Ave., Suite 104A.

6864 Indiana Ave., Ste. 104A, Riverside, CA 92506  •  (909) 900-8374